Judge Throws Out Karen Hepp’s $10 Million Lawsuit Against Facebook, Reddit as well as others

Judge Throws Out Karen Hepp’s $10 Million Lawsuit Against Facebook, Reddit as well as others

The Fox 29 anchor had sued the online world leaders after a photograph of her was utilized online without her permission.

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Kept: an advertising that Karen Hepp claims appeared on Facebook advertising a app that is dating utilizing an image of her without her authorization. Appropriate: Karen Hepp in an image by HughE Dillon of PhillyChitChat that formerly starred in a Philly Mag article.

Her was used on multiple websites and platforms without her permission, there were, essentially, two schools of thought when we first broke the news last September that Fox 29 anchor Karen Hepp had sued Facebook, Reddit and other Internet companies for $10 million after a photo of.

In the one hand, you had the individuals championing her for dealing with these industry leaders in a time whenever we are (or at the very least once we is) more concerned with digital privacy than ever before. “Good on her,” had written one audience. “This form of bullshit has to stop.”

Having said that, you’d the social individuals who stated that the actual situation would get nowhere. “She doesn’t have chance,” opined one such audience.

Well, the school that is latter of simply won down. At the least for the time being.

The other day, federal judge John Milton Younge tossed the outcome. There have been a lot of complicated motions and memorandums and blah that is legal blah filed over the past 11 months. So i’d like to summarize.

Inside her issue, the 49-year-old Merion Station resident explained her, which was apparently taken inside a convenience store in New York, was being used online without her permission that she became aware that a photo of. Especially, the picture starred in an ad on Facebook for a site that is dating encouraged users to click to “meet and speak to solitary females.” Then there were the pornographic parts on Imgur and Reddit, where in fact the picture resulted in aswell. Read More …